It’s a team sport: make your people your first line of active cyber defence

The reality is that we all require new digital or cyber awareness skills and behaviours for the digital age to better understand what appropriate and safe behaviours look like. This blog provides information on cyber security training.


Nick Wilding is the General Manager of Cyber Resilience at AXELOS Global Best Practice where he leads their RESILIA cyber resilience training portfolio. AXELOS is a joint venture between UK Government and Capita plc who own and nurture global best practice frameworks like ITIL, PRINCE2 and RESILIA. RESILIA focuses on the critical ‘human factor’ in cyber resilience and need for the appropriate digital skills and behaviour change across an organisation, from the boardroom to the frontline – to ensure people are our most effective line of defence against growing cyber-attacks.

Before joining AXELOS in early 2014 Nick spent 11 years at Detica (now BAE Systems Applied Intelligence) where he helped set up their Cyber Security business and led their global cyber security market engagement, marketing and thought leadership.

Our organisational resilience and security against growing cyber-attacks really is a team sport – everyone in our organisations has a critical role they need to play.

As the Telstra Global Security Report 2019 states: “Our respondents identified the greatest risk to IT security is human error – often caused by inadequate business processes and employees not adequately understanding their organisations security posture.”

We know the great majority of successful cyber-attacks succeed because of simple errors any one of us can make – clicking on a suspicious link or attachment, sharing personal information on social media that can be used against you, continuing to rely on poor passwords, accessing sensitive information via insecure public wi-fi…

The reality is that we all require new digital or cyber awareness skills and behaviours for the digital age to better understand what appropriate and safe behaviours look like.

cyber defenceYet cyber awareness training is all too-often delivered as an annual 30-to-60-minute ‘tick-box’ course – a far cry from what we know works in changing behaviours. The answer to the question “Is it really reasonable to train my staff to become expert at detecting phishing emails for example in a 30-minute annual training course?” should be a resounding “NO”.

So just how much security awareness training is enough?

We suggest you provide just enough micro-learning to convey simple, practical advice that is straightforward and easy to understand. But be realistic about what awareness training can really hope to achieve in terms of imparting expertise on a non-expert audience, and design a cyber awareness programme that delivers consistent, regular, short and targeted training, with a focus on continuous reinforcement of key concepts and actions relevant to your organisations critical vulnerabilities.

RESILIA Frontline is GCHQ certified cyber awareness online training for all staff designed to enable your organisation to design, personalise and manage an effective cyber awareness training programme that suits your unique requirements. RESILIA Frontline provides games, eLearning, videos and animations, real-life stories, podcasts, posters and animations delivered as short, nugget based learning with refreshers and reminders to enable you to develop a tailored and targeted campaign to suit your unique requirements and cyber risk profile.

Security that doesn’t work for your people, doesn’t work. So, have a look at how RESILIA Frontline could help you engage and involve all your people.

To find out more, to ask questions and to see it for yourself contact:

Nick Wilding, General Manager, Cyber Resilience, AXELOS Global Best Practice
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