How can you reduce your vulnerability to Cyber Crime?

At PDSC, we think businesses should regularly review how they might be vulnerable to the most common types of cyber crime. Understanding your exposure to risk and putting in place simple control measures demonstrates to your customers, staff and suppliers how important compliance and the security of their information is to your business.

To help small businesses start their cyber security journey, we recommend applying for Cyber Essentials.

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Brexit Data Protection Checklist

Click HERE to use our four-part checklist on data protection to identify some of the headline issues and resolve them before you find yourself in trouble.

How To Set-Up QUAD9



Whilst browsing online you can stumble upon a malicious website that contains malware or steals information.

Quad9 prevents you from reaching known malicious websites, making your browsing experience substantially more secure.

Click HERE to see more guidance on this.

Charity Guidance                            



 Click the image to find out how to minimize security risk if you are a charity.





The National Cyber Security Centre has put together some useful guides to help businesses protect themselves from common cyber attacks. Click below to view the guides.

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Cyber Security Business Guide


10 Steps to Cyber Security