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BREXIT DATA PROTECTIONUse our four-part Brexit Data Protection Checklist on data protection to identify some of the headline issues and resolve them before you find yourself in trouble.

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Checklist Part 1

Do you work with personal data from the EU?


Checklist Part 2

Have you appointed an EU representative?

Any organisation based outside the EU that regularly processes the personal data of EU residents needs to appoint a representative within the EU. If you need to appoint one, it’s best to get started now – capacity will likely be limited.

Checklist Part 3

Have you updated your record of processing activities?

Records of processing activities will probably need to be updated, especially where there are now transfers between the UK and the EU. The UK GDPR also requires more information in the record.

Checklist Part 4

Do you need to apply any supporting clauses or policies?

The Schrems II decision made it clear that SCCs alone may not be enough to secure data transfers.