Clean Desk Tips | PDSC Advice Guide

A clean desk policy outlines staff responsibility when they leave their workspace unattended, to reduce exposure of information to unauthorised parties.

Maintain a tidy and organised working environment with our 5 tips:


Provide a password manager

A password manager will store passwords and automatically apply them to online accounts, minimising written passwords left on a desk in plain sight.

Lock sensitive information away

Provide lockable storage facilities, to file away important documentation and conceal portable media (including USBs, tablets, laptops, etc.).

Password protect devices

All unattended devices must be locked with a password, passcode or biometrics (fingerprint/facial recognition). Screens can lock automatically during inactivity, but this setting must not be used as a primary solution, staff must be encouraged to always lock their screens when they leave their desk.

Provide a shredder

A shredder securely disposes of redundant documentation. Cross-cut shredders prove most effective to reduce the likelihood of reconstruction. Other methods of document destruction may be better suited to an organisation.

Keep whiteboards clean

Following a meeting, innovative ideas are often left on a whiteboard in plain view of unauthorised parties. Immediately transfer all notes from the whiteboard, then clear them away
Clean Desk Tips