Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster can strike a business in many forms - a flood, fire, earthquake, theft, perhaps a data breach or a system failure. Prolonged disruption can be financially devastating, which is why swift recovery is essential for successful business continuity.

Maintaining a Disaster Recovery Plan will encourage you to predetermine “worst-case scenarios” so you can plan your response ahead of time. Consider the resources, procedures, contacts that play a big part in your recovery strategy. In high pressure situations, critical actions, quick decision-making and strong communication is imperative.

Disaster Recovery Planning Advice


Use our Disaster Recovery Plan template to your full advantage, to better prepare yourselves against disruption. Be sure to tailor the template to best suit your individual circumstance. Guidance with the plan can be obtained by contacting Lorna Gevaux on 0333 344 2380

How to write a Disaster Recovery Plan

How to write a Disaster Recovery Plan

Please see a blog from IT Governance on How to write a Disaster Recovery Plan, for more information click the above image.