Internet of Things (IOT) | Advice for Businesses

The Internet of Things (IOT) has revolutionised the way we live our lives. Whether it’s a doorbell, lightbulb, voice assistant (Alexa, Siri), kitchen appliance, children’s toy, everything connected to the internet falls under this category.

You may think of it as a “smart device”. Many smart devices have huge capability but neglect security. Cyber criminals will exploit this vulnerability to infiltrate an otherwise secure network or to simply use the devices themselves. You can read more about this in our Denial of Service Attack advice guide.

We can protect ourselves from the threats that the IOT poses whilst continuing to enjoy all that smart technology has to offer by following the recommendations below or read more...

Change default passwords

Many IOT products are produced with a default password either commonly used or easily obtainable online. Use strong passwords for a truly robust security solution.

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