User Privileges

User PrivilegesUser Privileges is the term used for the level of access to online resources. Permission negligence threatens the integrity of business data and the security of the network.

Strategic management is vital. Exercised well, strong controls will bolster the security of the business for very little cost. The following suggestions can reduce the likelihood of an incident caused accidentally or deliberately via excessive privilege, and prevent escalation of a breach. 

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How to Disable USB Ports 

USB iage

Removable media can be used to infect a network with malware or used to steal data from the network (and not just by a malicious actor but an insider source), so block the USB ports that connect removable media to a device.

PDSC has provided 3 options that will help with this. When choosing an option consider the equipment you regularly connect to, such as keyboard/ mouse/ mic/ camera/ Bluetooth nano receiver/ etc.

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How to Disable USB Ports with Inbuilt Configuration


You can block USB ports from the device itself. It would be best to use Technical Support for this option but if you want to give it a go here are basic steps for Windows and Mac implementation.

These examples disable ALL USB ports and must be configured as an administrator. More complex methods will increase your device security.

Regularly test the settings are still in place, especially when there is a new Operating System update, as this might undo the configurations. Click the image to read 'how to disable USB ports with inbuilt configuration'.

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