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With staff mobility, offsite working and even personal devices in the mix, you may find yourself in a whirlwind of uncertainty as to the whereabouts of equipment belonging to your organisation.

Losing control of your assets could have catastrophic repercussions, especially if that includes devices that access business data.

An asset management system will eradicate uncertainty. Always know what equipment the business owns, where it is located and with whom, all in real-time and in one centralised place. Whichever system you choose, you will reap the Asset Management Benefits.

Deterrent for insider threat

Insider threat is not something to take lightly. A disgruntled employee might keep equipment for themselves, sell it to a criminal or perhaps a competitor. A publicised and regularly maintained asset register can act as a deterrent for unsolicited activity because your staff are aware that the organisation’s property is monitored.

Audit lost or stolen goods

Not always intentional, insider threat may include misplacing the device or third-party theft. Prompt registration of a “missing” item enables the business to manage the situation e.g. remote locking, tracking and wiping the device.

It will also avert wrongful and time-consuming accusations of an employee intentionally withholding equipment. Fortunately, thieves are less inclined to procure equipment believed to be tracked as selling it on is more difficult. Return of lost property becomes a possibility when it is clearly identifiable and tracking capabilities are utilised.

Manage off-boarding procedures

Referring to an asset register will ensure all is accounted for when employees leave, avoiding missing equipment.

Manage costs

Knowing the resources available to you, equipment can be issued strategically and eligible old devices reused. Recognise the exact model of a device and its value. Prepare for product end-of-life support and look to replenish your stock – should you require new equipment you can budget effectively.

Manage device maintenance

One weak link in your system can be exploited by cyber criminals. Asset management will inform the deployment of security solutions, ensuring all assets are protected. Some platforms can log the security solutions installed on the device and store associated documentation (such as warranties).

Retain asset history by recording stock serving no purpose and actions taken, should you store, sell or destroy the device.

Time saving

With barcode scanning capabilities, staff can quickly sign equipment in and out at any time, whilst you retain oversight of your assets’ location. Information is cross-referenced and recorded automatically, providing an instant audit trail.

Convenient in a crisis

Maintaining an up-to-date asset register will greatly reduce your response time during an incident and may even prevent further damage to your business. It will also be vital for a quick and accurate insurance claim!

Allow your asset management system to grow and change with your business, continuously updating and re-evaluating your structure to ensure your business is running effectively

Asset Management Benefits