How to Disable USB Ports | PDSC Advice Guides

Removable media can be used to infect a network with malware or used to steal data from the network (and not just by a malicious actor but an insider source), so block the USB ports that connect removable media to a device.

Below the PDSC has provided 3 options that will help to Disable USB Ports.

When choosing an option consider the equipment you regularly connect to, such as keyboard/ mouse/ mic/ camera/ Bluetooth nano receiver/ etc:

Option 1: Physical Port Blockers

port blockA simple solution is to insert commercially available port blockers. All you need to do is insert the Port Block into the port and lock it with a key. The only way it can be easily removed is with the key.

One benefit is that you can physically see where a rogue device has tried to connect because the Port Block will have been forcefully removed.

Option 2: Third-party Software

third partyThird-party software is available to configure ports, to best suit your business requirements. Devices that are often in use can be whitelisted so they can continue to connect whilst all other removable media is blocked; reports are produced to monitor unauthorised activity; prevents data copying to removable devices; and more.

There are inherent risks if the security of the software cannot be verified so do your research, be sure it is genuine and select one best suited for your business.

Option 3: Free, Inbuilt Configuration

inbuilt conInbuilt configurations block ports for each device. You can either prevent the connection of all external devices entirely or block all but specific devices so you do not need to enable/disable the ports each time – especially if the job role often requires the use of additional hardware. You remain in control of the hardware issued and allowed to connect.

There are various ways to achieve this but more complex methods will increase your device security because criminals will be less able to reverse the settings. It would be best to use Technical Support for this option but if you want to give it a go here are basic steps for Windows and Mac implementation.

Disable USB Ports